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Gateway Mobile


Gateway Mobile was developed to serve the unique needs of Auto and RV dealerships. Locate and communicate with Active Buyers through text message marketing technology. Text marketing is today's way for auto and RV dealers to generate more leads. With every text message inquiry - we send an one time automated response to the consumer with a link to the specific display page requested and also send a sales lead to the dealership for follow up. Unlock your website's potential to accelerate profitability.


Consumers send a special code listed on the primary vehicle photos whether on your website or a 3rd party aggregators site.

The consumer instantly receives a link to that specific vehicle display page.

Dealership simultaneously received a lead with the consumers phone number and the vehicle of interest.


A website widget is placed on you inventory display pages.

The consumer enters their phone number and clicks the save to my phone button.

Consumer gets a link to that specific vehicle display page.

Dealership instantly received the customers phone number and the vehicle of interest.


Promoting your phone number and website throughout every marketing channel is normal practice, But with more consumers texting than calling and more consumers accessing the web from their phone that from computers its even more important to include a text option with all of your advertisements.

We establish a vanity text ID the consumer can use to text for dealer information. They get an automated response with a link to the information and you capture a new lead.